Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tracks Tim Cook on Apple TV

tim cook2 Las pistas de Tim Cook acerca de la televisiĆ³n de Apple

In January last year, Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, claimed that 2012 would be an incredible year for the company and threw a hint: "We can expect new products." We would have to wait nine months to see what he meant the leader of Apple: the iPad's little brother, the iPad mini. Many thought in January that Cook was casting "a hint" about the Apple TV, but eventually the project was not released.

During the day yesterday, after announcing the impressive financial results for the fiscal first quarter, Cook began a session with journalists attending. How could it be otherwise, one of the questions was directly linked with the Apple TV: "What can you say about television." And just as we expect, Cook decided not to make any statements regarding television. Just noted that Apple TV sales of two million units, are higher than ever. But attention to more than Cook added:

"There are many ways in which we can contribute in this market, so we have to keep pulling the thread and see where it leads."

Apple takes a long time pulling that thread. Here's a new track from Tim Cook, but do not worry, they really did not disclose any information. Cook insists on not rule on a project that we all know from the official biography of Steve Jobs. In it, the co-founder of Apple claimed that the next market that Apple would would revolutionize the television and still cameras, as well as the text books and manuals. In the latter sector, Apple already delved last year with iBooks 2 and its commitment to teaching materials.

Will 2013 finally the year that Cook reached the end of this thread that is pulled?

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