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Tim Cook speaks of Production Problems iPad mini

Again Apple has achieved enviable economic performance by any other company. In fact, the economic performance in the first quarter of 2013, are best derived by an enterprise in history, ie Apple during Q1 has obtained more benefits than any other company known to date. Still, shareholders are concerned about the future of the company and this is reflected in the stock since announcing further results as good value keeps plummeting.

tim cook ipad mini Tim Cook Habla de los Problemas de Producción del iPad mini

During the conference presentation of results, Tim Cook wanted to clarify some points and answer questions from shareholders and the media. The current CEO of Apple unveiled some interesting things during the conference and during the question and answer round.

Tim talked about the iPad, more specifically on the iPad mini . He said he was worried about not being able to meet the demand of the device due to the problems they are having Apple's business partners in China to supply the necessary components for making the right pace. Tim believes that supply problems will continue to exist for some time and it is likely that by the end of March and the situation stabilizes and can respond more quickly to demand.

Even with these problems, Apple has achieved a sales growth of 60% iPad over the past year, a tremendous increase, considering that a few months have passed and the economic situation they are going through many countries.

iMac iPhone 4 and other devices with problems in the production rate

iphone 4 Tim Cook Habla de los Problemas de Producción del iPad mini

Tim also took the opportunity to talk about other devices manufactured by the company. For example, he mentioned that the production of the iPhone 5 has been improved and stabilized and are now able to easily meet demand. Instead mentions that the case with the iPhone 4. A device of two previous generations are still selling at a good pace and in the last three months there has been a huge demand due to the relatively low price of the device and offers operators (in many cases the "give away" to sign an agreement permanence).

Cook believes that the problem of supply of iPhone 4 will continue during the next quarter. Of course investors questioned whether the sales success of the iPhone 4 now could not be a reason to make Apple threw a low cost iPhone to what Cook said today that the price range of this device is online Apple's strategy and is praised by clients. If we translate, we see that Cook is denying that they will do something similar and that they consider the iPhone 4 might be their "low-end iPhone".

Although economic results have been spectacular Apple has been a product line where sales have declined considerably: the Mac Tim explained that one reason for the drop in sales of computers line the problem is to make the new iMac, especially in the new section of the screen in one. He adds that the problems will continue in the coming months, so it is likely that when buying a new iMac has to wait several weeks before giving birth at home.

Finally, Tim Cook said the iPad has cannibalized sales of Apple laptops. This means that the iPad is getting people to buy a tablet instead of a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. A piece of information to consider and a trend to watch in the coming months.

Since 2007 the first iPhone came to meracado, Apple has been able to sell 500 million iOS devices (including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). Of these 75 million have been sold in the last three months of 2012. This makes the figure is about 10 iDevices per second, an incredible figure.

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