Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tim Cook says he does not mind cannibalizing their own products

In response to a question at the conference on the results of Q1, 2013 , Tim Cook, once again reiterated that he preferred to cannibalize its current product line before launching new products and risk having your competitors get into your business. The only reply to these words could be the iPad Mini and the effect it could have on sales of large-sized iPad.

ios devices 3 628x350 Tim Cook dice que no le Importa Canibalizar sus propios Productos

Apple prefers to cannibalize their current product line, at least for now

Apple CEO said the company continues to see cannibalization as a great opportunity for Apple, and that "any company that does not eat itself runs the risk that others will eat." Apple knows that the iPhone has cannibalized market share of the iPod, and the iPad has cannibalized the Mac market share is difficult to know if the iPad Mini has eaten part of the larger iPad market due to supply problems that have suffered However, Cook still thinks the tablet market will eclipse the PC market, and that's one of the reasons why we see it as an opportunity cannibalization.

Another reason is the halo effect. Apple was the iPod that if a customer had a great experience with a product it would to consider buying another. For Apple, if someone buys an iPad Mini or iPad original, could happen the same. In fact, Apple relies heavily on this, and we are already seeing evidence that could happen.

Apple is one of the few companies in the technology industry that does not confuse its products with its business. Instead of fearing change and ride his fortune around the iPod, Apple introduced the iPhone when he saw iPod sales began to lose steam. The same happened with the iPad, which launched when PC sales began to fall.

They bet big time so thought it might be the future and matched. Perhaps at some point lose a bet, but the only way to win in the future is to play with the future.

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