Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tim Cook returns to pace China

tim cook china Tim Cook vuelve a pasearse por China

Apple's relations with China have not always been good, even though the California company has made to reach out to the Asian power. In addition, for years, Apple has pending end a tough battle against piracy in a country in which to reach stores plagiarize the apple company.

Now Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, has revisited the country. Officially, this is the second time that Cook is designated by China since that would take Steve Jobs as CEO. This time, Tim Cook met with Chinese Minister of technology to address issues related to the development of telecommunications in the country, the creation of smart devices and the state of the global communications industry.

Wall Street Journal also does not rule out that Cook has visited China to check Foxconn factories outsourced by Apple, follow the guidelines issued from California to improve the quality of life of its workers.

Nor can we fail to mention that Cook's visit will serve to establish closer ties with the Chinese government, which is difficult to treat, and thus strengthen Apple's presence in the country.

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