Friday, January 18, 2013

Tim Cook in a lawsuit against the Monopoly

According to a Reuters report, the CEO of Apple has had to be heard by the will of the judge Lucy Koh. The case in question is one that deals with anti-monopoly practices and involving many of the largest companies in Silicon Valley.

Tim Cook is called to testify in a trial against monopoly

The hearing lasted four hours, and covered topics as controversial as the theft of employees between companies. This is more common than usual it seems, and the worst part is that not only are the employee of a company to another competition, but also can extract secrets and other valuable information to the operation.

tim cook juicio monopolio 290x350 Tim Cook en un Juicio Contra el Monopolio

According to Koh, speak directly to the CEO of the company is much better than running employee by employee. According to Tim Cook, he has never conducted unfair competition techniques as those mentioned above. If you ever did at Apple, he had nothing to do.

However, the judge rejected their arguments Koh, alluding to believe it costs quite a bit not inflating salaries to be an employee of companies that were beginning to face them.

The other companies involved in this trial you can imagine the Google, Intel, Adobe, Intuit, Pixar and Lucasfilm. It has also come to light an email from Steve Jobs to Eric Schmidt in 2007, when the Apple CEO would ask him to stop his namesake try to sign one of the engineers extrella the apple company.

How will it all end? We will try to follow the events in the retrial of Apple against the world.

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