Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tickets: Newest Siri in iOS 6.1

photo Comprar Entradas: lo nuevo de Siri en iOS 6.1

With iOS update released on Monday 6, Siri became even smarter. The "personal assistant" for iOS devices and our results shows that there are movies in theaters and quickens the process of purchasing tickets. Of course, the invention is currently only available in the U.S..

To begin with the purchase, we ask Siri "what movies are there?". Then we will show a list of movies available in theaters nearby: When clicking on one of the titles, Siri expand the information with the plot of the film and sessions available. Then just have to click on "buy tickets" for us with our tickets. This will take you directly to Fandango application, responsible for processing purchase.

If you have installed on your device Fandango, Siri will give you a direct link to the App Store for you to download. Once in the appropriate section of Fandango, you can purchase your tickets.

Undoubtedly, Fandango platform is the main beneficiary of the latter that Siri has learned.

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