Monday, January 21, 2013

This week we bring you double program iPhone News Podcast

Screen Shot 2013 01 21 at 2.04.41 PM Esta semana os traemos doble programa del Podcast de Actualidad iPhone

Again, we turn to the weekly appointment with our listeners and this time we will double ration iPhone News Podcast. As always, on Wednesday will publish the regular program (Podcast 3 × 07), in which we will tell you and discuss all the developments taking place in the world of Apple and try all the rumors that we have been collecting over the last couple of weeks. We are sure that many of you do not know what and what not to believe you. In this week's program we will help you "see the light" in all matters relating to the different models of iPhone that Apple could present this year.

Moreover, to return later this week with another program. In the past, and we offered a special podcast where we interviewed developers. This time we have invited several companies that are going to talk about their products: their applications can help you in your everyday life. Developers also will talk about his experience creating apps to market through the App Store.

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