Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This could be the iPad 5 with the new design for Apple iOS devices

With the arrival of the iPhone 5 and the current iPod touch, Apple unveiled a new design for their iOS products. Later came the iPad mini and also followed the design line opened by these devices: anodized aluminum as the main material, different colors on the device, very light, very thin designs and ultimately, a design that makes the devices look dramatically.

Although with the iPad mini, Apple updated the full sized iPad not endowed with this design. Apple simply improve the device's processor and incorporate the new connector Lightning, thus uniting with him every generation iOS devices you have in the market.

mockup ipad 5 Así podría ser el iPad 5 con el nuevo diseño de Apple para dispositivos iOS

Rumors suggest that the next generation 9.7-inch iPad itself will feature this new and attractive design. In addition, it is rumored that will have dimensions and a lower weight, which is certainly very welcome.

This might look the iPad 5 with the redesigned Apple iOS devices

Martin uit Utrecht, has set to work and created a mockup of what for him could be the next iPad (iPad? 5?) With the redesigned Apple devices. Utrecht and surprised us in the past with spectacular designs which for him would be the iPhone 5 rumor and came close to the actual result.

As we can see from the pictures that accompany these lines, the new iPad in May with the current design for Apple iOS devices looks great. The thin bezel around the screen makes the device a little smaller, while retaining the screen size and also gets us to focus even more on the screen of the device, something Apple has always looked to the iPad as well with the iPhone.

mockup ipad 5 2 Así podría ser el iPad 5 con el nuevo diseño de Apple para dispositivos iOS

With this design, the iPad 5 would be less than 4mm height and width less than 17mm to less than 2mm thick. Certainly a very interesting dimension reduction which, together with a reduction of the total weight, make the iPad full screen device even more portable than it already is today.

Furthermore, it is expected that the next generation of the device is more powerful than the current model, so we are talking about an extremely attractive device for virtually any user.

ipad 5 mockup 3 Así podría ser el iPad 5 con el nuevo diseño de Apple para dispositivos iOS

What do you think of this design? Would you buy something? I did not hesitate for even a second, I feel beautiful.

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