Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Wall Street Journal joins cheaper iPhone rumors

Yesterday we mentioned the possible existence of a proposed low-cost iPhone, with poorer materials and components, but it would allow Apple to compete in the field of low-end smartphones, where Android partners rampant.

However much we try to hide, it seems that the rumor about the so-called "iPhone Mini" will be hanging around our heads all year. For if the iPad Mini has done so well to the apple company, there is no reason to think that we will see a reduced version (in size or price) of the world's most popular smartphone.

This time, the Wall Street Journal is responsible to disseminate the news. It seems that Apple is working on a low-end iPhone, according to several reliable sources well. This would be a clear shift in its business strategy to a large audience.

wall street iphone barato El Wall Street Journal se une a los rumores del iPhone barato

It turns out that Apple has been working on prototypes and for years, but were only available for some centers where designers and engineers. However, right now are pretty determined to get a cheaper iPhone in addition to the expected evolution of the natural model, before the end of this year.

Mainly, the price reduction would be achieved by using cheaper materials. Maybe plastic or recycled parts from other iPhone that no one uses. There is talk that the first trials began two years ago with a device whose screen occupied the entire front surface of the phone.

What do you think? Personally, I can not wait to have more details on this new smartphone. The price of the iPhone 5 I think it was excessive, and that the Californian company should approach the public with less purchasing power.

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