Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Strange Case of Wayne Dobson: I DO NOT HAVE YOUR IPHONE!

Try to imagine you are lying in your room enjoying a good drink and your favorite show on TV, or chatting with your better half, then someone knocks at your door and you unfortunately are not Jehovah's Witnesses but worse, is a person a couple of cops who want to take you for stealing an iPhone, the bad thing is that neither you like phones and in your life you've had an iPhone and never want to have after this

Well this is the sad case of Wayne Dobson, an American of 59 living north of Las Vegas and has the misfortune to be near a telephone relay antenna of SPRINT. I say unfortunately because this antenna makes every time a citizen of the application launches vegas "Find my iPhone" on the Sprint network is said this man's house by passing under a hard time.

This man would have come from people claiming their iPhone to the police department and everything indicates that the appropriate app.

Mr. Dobson is so tired he has put a sign in your home for a clueless search reaches its iPhone, has even resorted to court in Las Vegas to present their case and demand that they fix this flaw or failing to move the antenna.

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