Sunday, January 20, 2013

The shadow war between Apple and its competitors

In recent weeks we have heard very encouraging news for the apple company. What if Android is gaining ground, if it is boring to iOS users, that if your shares are about to fall ...

However, some experts from various Apple forums community have dared to see a little further. Although the apple company is no longer dominating in his battle against the competition itself may be gaining a covert war that many have spoken.

The shadow war between Apple and its competitors

It turns out that the main factor that Google makes money is online advertising. And it is also that nearly three-quarters of the benefits of mobile advertising industry are the responsibility of Apple. The last quarter comes from terminals of competition, most notably Samsung.

guerra sombra apple 1 613x350 La Guerra en la Sombra entre Apple y su Competencia

Therefore, we can say that Google is gaining a lot of money thanks to Apple, in advertising from mobile devices. In addition, the App Store also provides benefits to developers that the Android Market is not able to offer. And Apple had better take care of these two sectors, it will be key in the battle in the shade under development.

guerra sombra apple La Guerra en la Sombra entre Apple y su Competencia

On the other hand, we know that the apple company spends very little money on advertising, as you can see in the chart above. We all know that there is a greater amount of Android handsets on the market, how do you make more money advertisers and developers on iOS? Simply because most users of Apple products use them with greater frequency and intensity.

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