Friday, January 18, 2013

The Russian rail system sues Apple for an application in the App Store

railway tariff El sistema ferroviario de Rusia demanda a Apple por una aplicaciĆ³n en la App Store

Do you remember when the Swiss rail system sued Apple last September by the kidnapping of his well-known clock design? Well, the train company pocketed $ 22 million because Apple had copied the design of Swiss watches for the application 'Clock' the iPad in iOS 6. This story, with a happy ending for the Swiss company, has motivated the Russian railway system to bring a lawsuit against Apple for this application in the App Store.

Yes, Apple has nothing to do with this application, since it belongs to an independent developer that has created a tool, "train fares", which shows the schedules and fares of different trains that cross the country. According to the Russian railway system, the application "Railway Tariff" has plagiarized its logo and brand identity and therefore requests compensation of 49,000 euros. Russian Railways Apple calls this compensation and not the developer responsible for the content of the application.

The request will be processed in Moscow and now Apple has made no statement on the matter. This time, apparently seen, Apple has a good chance of winning this absurd legal battle.

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Source- Mashable

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