Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The return of rumors about the low cost iPhone

iphones Vuelven los rumores sobre el iPhone de bajo coste

In the Wall Street Journal no one will change your mind. This media was one of the first to ensure that Apple was working on a version of the iPhone more accessible to our pockets and two years later still with the same idea.

As always, Wall Street Journal is based on "sources familiar with the matter" to ensure that Apple will release a low cost iPhone in late 2013. The news gets more support considering the enduring rumor related to iPad mini came true after carrying hovering in the blogosphere for two years.

According to Wall Street Journal, the iPhone would resemble in design to the iPhone 5, but would lower the cost by using other cheaper materials, something that seems almost unthinkable in the world of Apple, where the customer always pays more for the quality of parts.

This model of iPhone have begun planned in 2009 and the first models could have been designed just a year later. With the low cost iPhone, Apple would do with a market that has not yet mastered.

Will he be right Wall Street Journal on this occasion?

Source- 9to5Mac

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