Thursday, January 3, 2013

The next iPhone will fix the lag on the screen that has the iPhone 5

 El próximo iPhone arreglará el lag en la pantalla que tiene el iPhone 5

Since its launch, the iPhone's multitouch screen and any other iOS device has behaved impeccably, and for many years the best responding to user gestures. Unfortunately, the arrival of the iPhone 5 and disadvantages brought great improvements to your screen.

On one hand, Apple was reduced display size due to the elimination of one of the layers used in their manufacture. This technology known under the name of in-cell, has the drawback of reducing the response time of the panel and while it is something that is not noticeable in day to day, if there are certain circumstances in which it can be seen perfectly.

To test, you can move a finger across the screen very fast succession and see this lag. The game Fruit Ninja also demonstrates this step back in time to screen response. You can also view the video below:

Click here to watch video

Apple is aware of the limitations of in-cell technology and wants to fix it in the next terminal, therefore, are already working with the manufacturer Chimei Innolux to create technology-based panels-On-Touch Display that dramatically improves response time .

Hopefully Apple will focus on achieving an iPhone 5S to match, both hardware and software.

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