Saturday, January 12, 2013

The new line of accessories for iPad iLuv

Often we do not realize, but the ecosystem around Apple's mobile products there is a whole additional market growing year after year. We refer, of course, the world of accessories for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

For example, this time we present you iLuv line of accessories. In principle, this is a set of wireless speakers of different colors. Best of all is that they are compatible with most smartphones and tablets that are available in the market.

Let shelling the details of some of their products.

iluv presenta accesorios ipad La Nueva Línea de Accesorios iLuv para iPad

The Speaker iLuv portable speakers MobiCup are splash resistant. Thanks to Bluetooth wireless connectivity, we can connect to enjoy excellent audio quality. Its design is cylindrical, which helps stability and shock resistance of the devices. We have available for 70 euros.

Moreover, we can use it to conduct calls via your microphone. MobiCup iLuv is a rechargeable lithium ion battery, allowing us to enjoy several hours of the best music on the beach, in the countryside, or anywhere else away from an outlet.

iluv presenta accesorios ipad 2 327x350 La Nueva Línea de Accesorios iLuv para iPad

Meanwhile, MoviOne iLuv has similar characteristics, but provides a rear speaker sound dispersion in all directions. It costs 60 euros. It is designed more for rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

Finally, the range speakers MobiTour iLuv are the most affordable option (only 50 euros). In return, they offer greater mobility thanks to its smaller size.

What do you think these devices? Are you the you would buy or I look too expensive?

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