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The new iOS 6.1 Bug Fixes JavaScript and something else

Apple has issued too many features of iOS 6.1, but thanks to the readers and their tests have found some changes that are not seen with the naked eye. One of the most important is that Apple has fixed a potentially serious security flaw that empowered the JavaScript permanently without the user to display the Smart App Banners. It seems also that the link to "Report a problem" in the Maps is now more visible and also a subtle change in the music controls on the lock screen.

actualizacion ios 6 1 El nuevo iOS 6.1 Corrige el Bug del JavaScript y Algo más

iOS 6.1 brings minor changes and bug fixes the JavaScript

Of interest to the imminent iOS 6.1 Jailbreak is that Apple has not updated the firmware version number, suggesting that changes in iOS 61 are all software and does not require any updates. This means that any firmware exploit that can be used to provide Jailbreak future still has not closed, though this may change in future updates, once Apple examine the forthcoming Jailbreak.

A bug that has closed itself is the ruling that allowed intelligent banner ads activate web pages, transparently to the user, the JavaScript in Safari, even if the user had previously disabled.

This problem did not affect many users, as it is normal because it is necessary to have it activated for most websites, but the update fixes the problem and allows users to disable it and keep it. Also corrected several errors affecting WebKit potential memory corruption, a theme which was reported at a hacker conference last fall.

pantalla bloqueo ios 61 1 El nuevo iOS 6.1 Corrige el Bug del JavaScript y Algo más

pantalla bloqueo ios 61 2 El nuevo iOS 6.1 Corrige el Bug del JavaScript y Algo más

Another change we are seeing is a small cosmetic change in the lock screen. Previously, the music controls could be displayed by double-clicking the Home button. This remains true, but now it keeps the time display in the small menu bar at the top, and the volume buttons and AirPlay have moved below the buttons Play / Pause. And now have a look "brushed aluminum". If left untouched, the screen returns to the unlock option. Notifications still appear the same.

Apple Maps application has also received an update, accompanying silent updates that the program has received almost continuously since its launch. The most obvious sign of change is the repositioning of the link "Report a problem", which now has a large button at the top of the map options. The change causes failures communicate much faster.

mapas ios 61 243x350 El nuevo iOS 6.1 Corrige el Bug del JavaScript y Algo más

In its initial debut, inaccuracies, faults graphics and some other things, made the Apple maps were mocked by critics and users. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, issued a public apology, and some of the members responsible for implementation were fired. The program has been updated and improved since then through several silent updates. Most of the major issues have been addressed for months, but the new version can inspire some users to give another chance to the program.

According to MacNN some evidence, along with some tests by different publications in several countries, Apple maps have greatly improved, to the point of saying that the browser prompts were as good or better than those provided by Google Maps, although these tests were performed before the latter launched its iOS app with many features that Google previously refused to implement, such as voice navigation. The lack of updates to the version included Google formerly on iOS devices what led Apple to make their own application.

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