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The major flaw of the iPhone 5: your camera

 El gran fallo del iPhone 5: su cámara

The iPhone 5, in itself, is a great phone. Apple has surprised us with a fine device and, above all, light, and works best internet browsing at high speed (well, at least in countries where it has LTE connectivity). However, the phone has a large and annoying bug: the camera and fucking her purple reflection.

The first users to test the iPhone 5 were those who sounded the alert on the official forums of the company. Indeed, after performing some simple tests anywhere, comprobábamos that point towards a light source, the screen of the phone and in our photos appeared a purple glow. Readers also recognized iPhone Update suffer this problem.

A cost Apple, once again, to rule on the issue, but finally said on its website. We remember his words:


A glow, beam or stain purple or another color from an external source to the image displayed when taking pictures or video.


Most cameras, including those that have iPhones of various generations, could show a reflection in the corner of the picture when we take a picture with external light sources. This occurs when the light source is positioned at an angle (normally outside the field of vision) causing a reflection of the surfaces inside the camera module and its sensor. To eliminate or reduce the effect, move the camera slightly to prevent this glare into the lens or lenses protect the hand.

In short, Apple told us: "Aim the camera at the other side."

Months later, the purple glow is still a big nuisance when taking pictures indoors and outdoors. What if what I want to do portray it from an angle where there is a light bulb? The only solution left is to move the camera or a bit or crop the photo later.

For example, in this panoramic photo, and cut in the top right corner, if you hurry a little mountain we ran:

extremadura pablo ortega El gran fallo del iPhone 5: su cámara

Yes, the conditions when taking dark photos have improved, but on the contrary we find this annoying problem, of course, will be fixed in the next iPhone that Apple released to the market this year.

Meanwhile, we have this problem with the iPhone 5 will have to learn to live with the purple spot appears in our photographs. You may even get lucky and get one that will change the terminal in an Apple store.

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