Monday, January 28, 2013

The low cost iPhone would be made mostly of plastic

iphone bajo coste El iPhone de bajo coste estaría hecho principalmente de plástico

The rumors related to the low cost iPhone Apple may launch the market this year, each time they take more force. Now is a web editor iLounge (which usually gives fairly reliable information) who says that the low cost iPhone there and gives us new data.

How to get Apple cheapen a product like the iPhone? Well as we all thought, using basic materials such as plastic. Precisely from plastic iLounge would confirm that the principal material in the production of low cost iPhone. This does not mean that the phone look completely different from the current iPhones: the economic terminal would keep a close resemblance to the iPhone 5, would have the same screen, same dimensions (although it may be a little higher) and combine the design of the iPhone 5 curved edges with the iPhone 3G/3GS.

The iPhone would have a plastic bottom similar to the latest generation iPod Touch and the iPod classic similarly.

As always, Apple has the final say. Will we get to see a low cost iPhone this year? More and more media confirmed the existence of this device.

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Source- iLounge

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