Saturday, January 19, 2013

The iPhone will be made with 22 percent market share in 2014

What about Apple and its famous smartphone in the coming years? According to ABI Research, a consultant on marketing strategies, the iPhone will get 28 percent of the smart phone market later this year. However, over the next five years, will not get to steal a little more of the pie to other companies. The main reasons are two. On one hand, the opening of markets such as Brazil, India or China, in which all manufacturers will try to sneak their technology to the detriment of competition. Moreover, the emergence of smartphones very low price, mainly produced and consumed precisely in these emerging markets.

The iPhone is made with 22 percent market share in 2014

Next year, in 2014, smartphones will account half of all mobile phones are purchased in the world. Moreover, by 2018, nearly 70 percent of phones will be smartphones with Internet access and applications. In fact, by the end of this year 2013 is estimated to have sold nearly two billion smartphones.

 El iPhone se HarĂ¡ con el 22 por Ciento del Mercado en 2014

What can we expect in the coming years? The ABI warns that low-cost smartphones going to be the star terminals. Does that mean that Apple should consider release a cheaper iPhone, as has been rumored in recent weeks? In any case, we can safely assume that the apple company will not ever leave their staunchest fans, looking devices with a finish materials and excellent performance, even if they have to pay more than the competition. Share this article with your friends on Facebook, Google and Twitter with the buttons you'll find at the beginning of it. Thank you! Track | iDownloadblog

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