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The iPhone has now a quarter of the smartphone market

Even with all the rumors of Apple's declining profits, the reality is that the iPhone now accounts for a quarter of all sales of smartphones worldwide in 2012.

Although the annual growth rate of three digits of Samsung, which has blinded many observers, Apple got last year a growth of almost 47%.

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Samsung's market share grows dramatically and Apple tries to follow

This growth of 47% has been enough to make Apple the only manufacturer of smartphones, along with Samsung, which has managed to grow in 2012. Apple iPhone sold 136.8 million in 2012, compared with 93.1 million units sold in 2011, according to researcher IDC technology. On Wednesday, Apple announced sales of 47.8 million iPhones during the fourth quarter of last year.

AppleInsider, citing data from IDC:

"Controlling a quarter of smartphone sales, Apple placed second in worldwide sales, in a two-horse race led by Samsung, the only other company in the top five manufacturers that has managed to grow in 2012."

IDC data reinforce the belief that the battle between the two leading mobile operating systems, iOS and Android, has become a battle between two brands, Apple and Samsung.

While Apple's market share grew by 25.1% of the smartphone market, Samsung is in first place with a market share of 39.6% in 2012, representing an increase of 19% compared to 2011.

At the same time, Nokia and RIM, two veterans in mobile telephony have never achieved success in the smartphone market, and HTC, have fallen IDC box that marks the 5 major vendors of smartphones based on the share market in the last quarter.

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Nokia, which had 15.6% of the smartphone market in 2011, closed 2012 with only a 6.4% market share, a drop of nearly 55%, according to IDC.

RIM also ended last year with 6% of the smartphone market, slipping from 10.3% in 2011, representing a drop of 36%. On the other hand, the market share of HTC just dropped by 25%, ending 2012 with only 6% of the smartphone market.

blackberry 10 cuota mercado El iPhone Tiene ahora una Cuarta Parte del Mercado de Smartphones

In comparison, Huawei saw its sales of low-cost smartphone grew 89.5% in China, which has helped to capture 4.9% of the global market in the fourth quarter.

Sony ranks fourth in the list of IDC, with sales of 55.6%, representing a 4.5% market share. The fifth was ZTE smartphone maker, with a 48.4% growth that has helped to have 4.3% of the smartphone market, according to IDC.

The market share figures Apple has published IDC are slightly more optimistic than those of Strategy Analytics. Although IDC reports a 25% rise in market share of smartphones in 2012, compared to 18.8% in 2011, Strategy Analytics announced earlier this week, much lower growth.

The research firm said that Apple grew by 19.4% of the global smartphone market in the fourth quarter, representing an increase of 19% over the same period of 2011.

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