Friday, January 25, 2013

The iPhone Can Math?

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The last thing on the world of Apple bite is that the company may present this year a new iPhone with 4.8 inch screen dubbed "iPhone Math". This is the latest rumor we have to add to a long list that started a few weeks ago. Relevance means no longer get "alleged reports" that reveal the intentions of Apple for the iPhone this year. The Wall Street Journal or Reuters news agency dared to publish such information.

Surely many of you are skeptical about the iPhone name Math. Ratio will not lack. Indeed, it seems that Apple has intentions to begin to master their products differently than it has done so far. The first means of translating this news of China's newspapers may have made a mistake in translation. Blogs as iDownloadBlog even speculate that the iPhone actually 4.8 inch screen was dubbed "iPhone +".

But let's face it, if Apple has already cost justify changing work screen iPhone 5 at four inches, this year we have little chance of seeing an iPhone? Math? With a nearly five-inch screen.

What do you think about this?

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