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The iPad is the most popular device for managing email

According to a study by Perion, the developer of the popular email client IncrediMail, most owners of iPad prefer reading and writing emails tablets in front of their computers or smartphones.

Perion surveyed 4,400 iPad users on how to use email. 90% of respondents said the use of e-mail from the iPad was important and two-thirds said check email on your iPad more than three times a day.

ipad correo electronico El iPad es el Dispositivo más Popular para Gestionar el email

The iPad is the most popular device to manage the email to its owners

55% of respondents preferred tablet for reading email, followed by 32% who chose a PC or Mac and 10% mobile phone. As for writing emails, 48% opt for a tablet, 41% by a PC or Mac and only 9% say it from a mobile phone.

Although the number of users using email from your iPad is great, most are not happy with the mail client they use for it. 41% said they were very satisfied, while the rest are not happy with your customer and are looking for a better alternative.

The study also did some more specific questions. For example, female respondents were more satisfied with the use of iPad for reading e-mail and it also proved to be more prone to sending emails from the device itself compared with men. 68% of women use their iPad only for personal emails, while 52% of men business emailers. The iPad is not just for entertainment, and that 38% of respondents said they used the device for both personal and work emails.

The application includes iOS default is most often used as expected. 41% of users surveyed using this application, while 31% use Gmail and another 13% opt for Hotmail. 18% of respondents claim to use the web browser to check your email.

It is no surprise that the iPad is a device that is widely used to check email and compose new emails also. It really is a very interesting device for this type of work, especially for the query. And you use what you give the email from the iPad?

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