Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Godfather of iPod Unravel the Secret Ingredient Apple

Tony Fadell needs no introduction. This is the mastermind behind some of Apple's most successful creations. Helped design the iPod and some preliminary models of iPhone. I recently interviewed him, leaving some hints about Steve Jobs, the company and secrecy within their offices.

The godfather of the iPod unveils the secret ingredient recipes Apple

Bloomberg On Design conference, Fadell has attempted to explain how the company manages the block to get one bite after another successful products that are extremely attractive.

According to him, the main difference between Apple and other competitors is that your company delivers the goods when they have a sufficient level of development. However, other companies like Phillips design close their lines when they see that the thing a bit complicated, and not give the product time to mature enough to get to see the light.

ingrediente secreto apple El Padrino del iPod Desvela el Ingrediente Secreto de Apple

He adds that the company has its own perspective on the world of technology, and to meet their requirements one has to give the best of their abilities every day.

He complains that other technology companies are run by people who have no idea or what technology consumers want: just know finance and management. That is why many great ideas competition were never released or were late.

It is a way of being that has led Apple to become one of the most valued companies in history. Each employee must follow this paradigm, engineered by Steve Jobs, if they want to increase their presence in the global technology industry.

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