Thursday, January 10, 2013

The "iOrinal" for iPad Keeps young children entertained while "do their thing"

The CES 2013 is not just lives of great innovations in electronics, also reveals some quirky products such as electronic HAPIfork measures the time it takes to eat a meal, or you BodyRhythm iMusic massaging rhythm of the music on your device iOS. But possibly the most outrageous product has been swimming for children equipped with a holder for the iPad.

ipotty El iOrinal para iPad Mantiene a los Niños pequeños Entretenidos mientras Hacen sus Cosas

So, this "iOrinal" has a number of striking colors and also features a convenient base to place the iPad 3 or iPad 4 so that your children can be playing Angry Birds or watching cartoons while sitting on the toilet.

If you have trouble getting your children make the transition to the bathroom, do not worry, this "accessory" will be glued to the seat for hours. Theirs would be to sit alone, but hey, in a precarious position the iPad could help, right?.

The product incorporates the base where you place the iPad, a plastic sheet to protect the device from splashes, yet it is still risky to put your precious iPad in this gadget. The "iOrinal" costs $ 40 and will go on sale with the idea of keeping the child in the bathroom long enough to do his business. The toilet is made ​​by CTA Digital, manufacturer of accessories for iPad , but so far we do not know when it will be released.

What do you think of "iOrinal"? Did you would buy? Hey, if we took the iPad to the bathroom, why not them?. Hehe.

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