Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The first units begin Pebble clock sent on January 23

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The creators of Pebble , the smart watch for funding through Kickstarter managed to surpass the barrier of $ 10 million, announced at CES 2013 that the first shipments will be held on January 23. The 85,000 users that made this project possible, Pebble receive their unit within six to eight weeks.

The main feature is that it uses Pebble Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth 4.0) to communicate with the iPhone, which considerably increases the autonomy of the accessory. In return, the user can view from the clock ePaper display notifications and other extra features that put their accelerometers, buttons or light sensors.

The developers have also revealed that they will release software updates every two to three weeks. Users only need to download the application from Pebble and all updates are transmitted wirelessly to the watch.

If you're one of the lucky ones who bought this watch for 150 DOLLAR s, sure you receive this news with joy. If you could not sumarte the Kickstarter project, you can still make a Pebble through their website. I remember that one of my colleagues took one so I can probably bring a discussion about what we have in our hands.

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Source - 9to5Mac
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