Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The first iOS device with the iPad and 128GB will arrive on February 5

 El primer dispositivo iOS con 128GB será el iPad y llegará el 5 de febrero

iOS 6.1 was the first indication that the system began to support partitions of 128Gb . At first he thought it was a move that Apple would take in new lines of devices, names later leaked to a fourth-generation iPad with this capacity and today we can announce it's official: the 128GB reach iOS devices.

The fourth-generation iPad with 128GB of storage will be available from February 5, either through physical Apple Store, online or at a dealer. Prices will be $ 799 for the version with Wi-Fi and $ 929 if we talk about the version with LTE connectivity.

It seems that the 16GB iPad 4 will continue to be sold as the entry model. Some of us come to believe that Apple would sell it to market only the 32GB, 64GB and 128GB at current prices but that has not happened.

Just yesterday also knew that there are already 300,000 apps dedicated to the iPad , which is still growing rapidly as sales of Apple's tablet.

Will the iPhone and the iPod Touch the following to increase their storage capacity? I am among those that 16GB is more than enough cause I often sync terminal for data transfer but it is clear that c on 128GB met expectations of the most demanding.

By the way I take to remind our fellow News iPad cover all news related to the Apple iPad.

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