Saturday, January 19, 2013

The chipmaker TSMC dropped a possible deal with Apple

A leading chip maker based in Taiwan that already is supplying chips to Apple and other companies, announced Friday that they expect to be responsible for "almost all" of 28 nm chips manufactured in 2013, a surprising prediction that may indicate that the company has secured a large scale agreement with the creators of the iPhone. The news that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company triple this year making processors, along with the announcement of a possible new venue with new facilities, has led analysts to suspect a new connection to Apple.

 El Fabricante de Chips TSMC Deja Caer un Posible Acuerdo con Apple

Although not confirmed, a likely scenario is that TSMC could build the next generation of Apple processors, possibly known as A7, which may be present in the future instead of the iPhone processor manufactured by Samsung. Apple has been taking steps to reduce their agreements with Samsung, its main competitor provider yet, but Tim Cook has said repeatedly that Samsung is copying Apple SoC technology (nor is there evidence that this is so).

Morris Chairman, President and CEO of TSMC, broke the news, as reported by AppleInsider, the newspaper China Times, which said the company planned to spend 9000 million in el28 nm. The company is also working on an advanced technology of 20 nm and 16 nm for future chips. Chang also suggested a significant increase in revenue, roughly tripling the 6,200 million in 2013, in line with the acceleration of production.

Previous reports have suggested that TSMC is already responsible for a percentage of the processor used in the iPad A6X 4. The current would be chips are made using the 32 nm process Samsung, but Apple expects to use a more advanced technique (such as the 28 nm process TSMC) for its next chip, both by reducing the size as energy efficiency of the process.

Reports also suggest that TSMC is behind the development of the secret "Azalea Project" and you're looking site in New York and Oregon for possible facility to manufacture chips, perhaps to make processors designed by Apple. Passing Apple to TSMC, if true, would give more credibility to the rumor of a factory building in the U.S. to bolster Apple's desire to keep doing the main processor of the iPhone in the country.

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