Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The cheaper iPhone could have a plastic body and Metal

We've heard several rumors about the possibility of launching a cheaper iPhone. Some suggest that the way to launch a cheaper iPhone would save costs in manufacturing, building plastic device, just as are most current smartphones.

iphone libre El iPhone más barato Podría Tener un Cuerpo de Plástico y Metal

Digitimes rumor today joins:

"The rumor in the supply chain is the chassis that could use the cheaper iPhone will be provided by an electronics manufacturer in the United States.

The sources noted that related components cheaper iPhone is currently in the validation phase and the actual product might be in the market in the second half of 2013. "

The possible reason for using plastic instead of glass or aluminum would reduce costs, according to sources. The sources said they could be working on a chassis made ​​of a "sort of plastic and metal alloy." The company Foxconn did not comment when asked about the rumor, as expected.

Apple may release an iPhone with body made of plastic and metal

Six days ago Digitimes published an article saying that Apple will release a cheaper iPhone in the second half of 2013. That same day, The Wall Street Journal published its own article on the cheaper iPhone, which he said could be made ​​of polycarbonate. The next day, jumped on stage Bloomberg published its own report on the same subject, which added that Apple could put it on sale at a price of between $ 99 and $ 149, and giving end of 2013 as a possible launch time.

After all these rumors, Reuters published an interview with Phil Schiller of Apple, which said that a cheaper smartphone not part of the future of Apple. However, the agency itself was not published after that paying too much attention to the words of Phil, which created a lot of controversy .

The truth is that many do not think Apple will make a low-cost product made of plastic, would be a step backwards. But Apple may have created a hybrid of plastic and metal that has the feel, lightness and strength of aluminum. With Apple anything is possible.

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