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The best applications for iPhone (surcharge)

mejores aplicaciones iphone 504x350 Las Mejores Aplicaciones para iPhone (de Pago)

The App Store is full of applications and it is sometimes difficult to decide which applications are best suited or which you get more out. If these apps are extra course further thought. In this article we bring you a collection of best paid apps that we can not disappoint and worth the money. So if you want to see how you can spend that typical iTunes gift card that gives you both at this time do not miss what comes next.

Best Paid Apps for iPhone


Over time we began to accumulate different users and passwords to log in to our daily lives and of course, forget half. With 1Password because it is over with one password you will have access to all of your password. The application is simple and safe because it uses 256bit AES encryption that lets you to keep all your information, so that you always synchronized with iCloud supports.


Fantastical is a calendar application so that far exceeds the native application of your iPhone . Create an appointment in the calendar can be somewhat tedious Apple by the number of fields you have to fill. Fantastical allows you to write directly quoted as a sentence and know the place your own app calendar appointment on the day and time. An application designed to further exploit the agenda of your iPhone, sure rapid writing thank you.


When looking for a Twitter client can be sure that Tweetbot fits what you are looking almost certain. A simple, clean with fun sounds and where you can navigate the application with touch gestures. You can also program the triple tap to do different things, like translating the tweet, put it in your favorites or just retweeting. Also you will see different 'timeline' in a few gestures. App thoroughly recommended.

Camera +

The iPhone camera has always enjoyed good health and in recent iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are proof of that. But the native application that is installed by Apple does not contain too many tools. Camera + lets you take photos and also edit them. It also adds very useful tools to change the point of focus, image stabilization for ill and thousands of pulses as the ability to add effects. Sure that this app will not leave you indifferent.


Who has not made their own video montage? iMovie is an iPhone application that sooner or later you just remembering it. The iPhone camera does great photos but also high definition video recording. iMovie lets you edit the videos you've done and add photographs passes also can add a soundtrack and create your own movie clip. Add effects, transitions, sounds and everything you have inside your iPhone by simply touching the screen.


Clear is an application designed for people who do not want to complicate life too much. With Clear you can create lists of all kinds in a very simple and with a layout much like 'metro' of Windows. In a very simple form will create and erase items from a list. Furthermore it is possible to synchronize your lists in the cloud and even have the chance to share them on Facebook or Twitter. You can also pass an email or any other text from another application to a list Clear.

Solar: Weather

The native application for how long you will do is perhaps too simple for the possibilities. Solar: Weather is a unique application for iPhone with which you get much more information with a visual interface more attractive and that gives you a much more interactive. The application is controlled entirely by touch gestures and swiping your finger you know the weather in the 24 hours or within the next 3 days.

Launch Center Pro

When you touch the icon of an application what we all hope happens, opens. But with Pro Launch Center for iPhone when you touch an icon from the application begin executing actions. Say Launch Center Pro to communicate between applications, something that Apple does not allow for the time, so when you open this app you can create fantastic shortcut to make a call, send an email to open Safari and many more that will make you very productive daily life much easier.


Instapaper is one of the most famous reading applications is in the App Store. With this app you can save the pages and text you're viewing Internet to read quietly after even without connection. Instapaper also provides a simple interface where you can read without distractions because only about colors appear comfortable text for reading. You can change the basics such as font, size, margins, etc..


Reeder is an iPhone application that lets you read RSS feeds from your Google Reader account. Reeder syncs with your Google account and gives you the feeds that you have saved in a beautiful interface at the same time simple. It also lets you share files in the most popular social networks like Twitter or Facebook, you can also send them by mail and read them wherever you go. Simple but effective.


Instacast is a new version of the popular application for iPhone and iPad Vemedio with which you can organize your podcast. With an account you can create Instacast completely free which will sync all your podcast. Vemedio has done a fabulous job. If you do not like Apple's own application to manage your podcast, your application may be Instacast.


Byword is a simple Markdown text editor, without distractions and very elegant. The application is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac and can be stored in iCloud or Dropbox to sync all your work later. Byword offers many fabulous features like keyboard that adds a top line of keys with which you can activate many functions as the possibility of the characters you've written and more.

iWork: Pages, Numbers, Keynote

The iWork Suite is one of the strengths of Apple you can have installed in your iPhone to work on any level. Pages, a fantastic text editor, Numbers, a spreadsheet where you can create the tables you want and Keynote, where you can create your presentations. With this Suite will have full sync with iCloud so you can work with them on your computer, on your iPad or your iPhone.

This list is very small compared to all the good applications that could have included in it but for that you need. Your comments in order to know the best apps downloaded ye payment.

What is your jewel, and what application you think you can not miss in your iPhone? Tell us in the comments!

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