Thursday, January 3, 2013

The app is updated Cinepolis: Passbook ushering in Mexico

Yesterday the Cinepolis app received an update that surprised all and sundry, it is the first application that uses Mexican passbook, ushering in this application until yesterday conserv√°bamos almost all forgotten.

To anyone surprised these lands app arriving to Mexico without being able to use 100%, either because there is no data available, or just support for our country is null. Such was the case of Passbook, which until yesterday was an application that was taking up space in our iPhones without being able to use.

However, with a little patience (and some prayers to Jobs) will always see a company that has the potential to catch up with these devices, and I must say that I'm very surprised that in this case CINEPOLIS (a company mexicana) is given campanaso in using this new way to buy tickets.

Many questions surfaced to see this update from the functioning of the app itself Cinepolis as Passbook, so we will summarize what is Passbook and how it integrates with the app Cinepolis.

What is passbook?
Let's start with the basics, passbook is a native app that was launched with iOS 6, its main function is to store tickets, shopping vouchers or similar in one place. It should be noted that within the app only see tickets or similar, will not see the applications that are compatible, that if pressing the button should AppStore link them to point where you find the app compatible (note not all listed there at work in Mexico).

In short Passbook is a viewer for files generated by applications that have this functionality, there app and websites where you can create your own files and display them on passbook, so do not be surprised if nothing appears to time and neglect have not do not turn around.

How does the dumbbell Cinepolis-passbook?

Cinepolis application open, make your purchase usually choose the film, the complex, time and your places, at the time of purchase, the application is going to generate a virtual ticket is stored in passbook (see the image above) and that you can use like any ticket and generate an event in your calendar (if you have permission). Keep in mind that this does not work if you book. If you book you will generate your reservation code and give you the option to send it to you for your email and / or phone.

Arriving at the theater you directly to the entrance of the room where you show your ticket passbook, which verified with a reader to give you access to the room without having to stand in line to buy at the box office.

Why is the legend that only applies in some complex?

As previously mentioned special readers needed to read the generated code, so it is possible that not all rooms have it. But they report to see your ticket on your iPhone will give you entry to the room.

Also noteworthy is that there are some states where the application of Cinepolis not work, so you can not use this feature, but you can buy online from the page and print your ticket. As reported by the application developer to gradually integrate all states and complex.

Applying Cinepolis is in the AppStore totally free and is universal (and no, passbook is not available on the iPad), if someone did not have it yet.

I want to thank all the band iPhoneFan following us on twitter since they are always on the lookout, and on this occasion a special thanks to Astaroth Balhala (@ astarothbalhala), Karla Campuzano (@ kampuzano) who shared their shopping experience, and IA Interactive (@ iainteractive) company responsible for developing the application who answered our questions.

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