Thursday, January 31, 2013

The actors 'Jobs' talk about their film at Macworld

Gad Kutcher Los actores de jOBS hablan sobre su pelĂ­cula en Macworld

Macworld Fair has opened its first day with a highlight: a press conference in which we could see the actors from the film 'jobs'. As expected, the focus has been the actor Ashton Kutcher, 34, who goes into the very skin of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. During his presentation to the press we have more details about how the actors prepared for their roles and their reactions to early reviews.

The independent film 'jobs' was released last week at the close of the Sundance Film Festival and since then we have been able to read reviews of all kinds. Also, this week the production team has published a photo in which we see the strong resemblance he shares with Steve Jobs Ashton Kutcher, thanks to excellent makeup job. Ashton Kutcher knew that he faced a difficult task when he agreed to play Jobs:

"When we accept to be part of this film, we knew full well that we can not please everybody."

Kutcher confessed last week that, to get into the mind of Jobs, came to follow a strict regime of eating only fruits, as Jobs did during various stages of his life. According Kutcher had the same (or the marketing campaign of the movie), had to be hospitalized as a result of this diet.

Moreover, during the press conference, Kutcher has recognized that "Steve Jobs is his hero":

"If this story is to be told, I want to narrate a way that pays tribute to the figure of my hero."

Meanwhile, actor Josh Gad, who plays Steve Wozniak, does not seem to have taken very good reviews of own Wozniak, who last week claimed not to recognize the mode of action of the characters in the film. Gad asked Wozniak to see the film first and then full contribution and their views.

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