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The 14 days time, check the weather with the Best App for iPad and iPhone

el tiempo 14 dias ipad app store El tiempo 14 días, Consulta el Tiempo con la Mejor App para iPad y iPhone

Weather is an application 14 days to complete with the iPad you can check the weather from today until the next 14 days. The application is very simple but gives you all the information you need. Each day is divided in hours and each hour will have detailed information on temperature, wind, humidity, etc.. The app also shows you a map of the peninsula, Europe or the Canary Islands, where you can view a chart with different data, wind, rainfall, temperature, etc. All information is very detailed, you can even view and locate weather alerts around the map with information that is always current.

The 14 days time, a Great App to check the weather anywhere in the world

14 days time is a very simple but offers much. Upon entering the application must allow the application to recognize our location and almost instantly get the weather forecast of where we are. That prediction comes complete for hours until a total of 14 days. Addition to locating our location we choose where to search, choosing from more than 20,000 locations in Spain and more than 200,000 worldwide.

el tiempo 14 dias ipad app store 2 El tiempo 14 días, Consulta el Tiempo con la Mejor App para iPad y iPhone

Weather information application that gives you the time is extensive. Meet the minimum and maximum temperature of the day and the actual temperature will in every time of day and the wind chill. Wind information will also, with the detailed address and speed to reach.'ll Have great information about the rain and know the heights to which it will snow, and relative humidity. Get data on a multitude of look only through the accompanying drawings prediction.

el tiempo 14 dias ipad app store 3 El tiempo 14 días, Consulta el Tiempo con la Mejor App para iPad y iPhone

In the bottom of the screen you'll find three buttons: Time, Alerts and Maps. The Alerts button leads you to a world map on which to display a series of warning triangles with a color indicating the type of alert you meet. Alerts find throughout the Spanish territory, from Galicia to the Canaries. 'll Alert information day, next day and two days later. If you click on any of the warning triangles meet the phenomenon that occurs, the start time, end time and the area where they occur.

el tiempo 14 dias ipad app store 4 El tiempo 14 días, Consulta el Tiempo con la Mejor App para iPad y iPhone

Pressing the lower button "Maps" will enter a kind of prediction much more professional. Choose from the map of the peninsula, in the Canary Islands and Europe. Choose either one v isualiza rainfall, wind, temperature, cloudiness, rain and cloudiness, rain and pressure or pressure and wind charts represented in completely see evolution in motion because progressing as prediction throughout the day and during the following 14 days. A very dynamic and visually see the time.

el tiempo 14 dias ipad app store 5 El tiempo 14 días, Consulta el Tiempo con la Mejor App para iPad y iPhone

You can see an example of the application 14 days time for iPad in the video below:

Application Time 14 days may seem a more among those found in the App Store but it is not. We loved it, especially the ability to view all the details shared a glance. Although its best feature is the dynamic maps, where you can enjoy watching the progression of the charts and where you interpret yourself time. Information alerts can also come in handy because you place quickly making a global view on the map. At a glance you'll also see what type they are, alert orange, yellow or red, accessing the details of the alert only if interested. 14 days time is a completely free application and you must install at least to try and tell us your impressions. It is also universal and fully compatible with all models of iPhone and iPad , including the iPad Mini.

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