Friday, January 4, 2013

Tenth day of gifts iTunes: Photo Cookbook, dazzle your guests with this great recipe application

We arrived on the tenth day that Apple offers its App Store content for free, and we do receive a large application that has a wide variety of recipes that will make even the most awkward in the kitchen, have not excuse to prepare a delicious dish that delight our favorite diner. The application is called Photo Cookbook.

Foto recetario

The application walks you through each of the recipes in a clear and concise, with photos of both intermediate ingredients as showing the final appearance of the dish in question.

The version that Apple sent us has 84 recipes, divided into four categories: "Easy and fast", "Asia", "Italy" and "Bread and Pastry". However, the user always has the option to buy prescriptions within the application and can extend your culinary repertoire to about 240 recipes.

Ejemplos Paso a Paso Foto Recetario

It has been quite an interface, including panoramic pictures where you can see the recipes section and, as we said before, great artwork embodied in each of the steps, so that the cook, both amateur and more experienced, capable of emulate perfection, the dish of the final photograph.

Here's the link, both Photo Cookbook, like the 12 Days of Giveaways app from iTunes, for only two days left to the end of this promotion. The applications are available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Feel free to make them!

Photo Cookbook - Easy and Fast

12 Days of Gifts iTunes

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