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Temple Run 2, the saga continues in this great game for iPad

Temple Run 2 is the game for iPad that continues the saga of one of the most downloaded games from the App Store. We had a really good time with the first delivery and the second part has come much improved. The graphics have changed and are much more elaborate. The corridor is much clearer and new landscapes and backgrounds look much better. The controls are the same, but this time we will meet new characters and new actions to take to escape the clutches of the strange gorilla chasing us. You'll also have a new power, learn to use it in the best time.

Temple Run 2 iPad

Controls are the same as in the first Temple Run. Slide your finger up or down the screen to jump or slide runner crouched. Slide your finger left or right to turn, choosing the right path. Tilt your iPad to collect as many coins as you can!

temple run 2 ipad app store 2 Temple Run 2, la Saga Continúa en este Genial Juego para iPad

The landscapes of Temple Run 2 for iPad has been greatly improved and now will run down the mountain and you have to dodge bridges, waterfalls, streams of fire, spiked wheels, etc. Also if you run enough come to a mine where you have to find the correct lane in a wagon, beware walled roads!

temple run 2 ipad app store 3 Temple Run 2, la Saga Continúa en este Genial Juego para iPad

Along the way you will find coins and gems you have to collect to get additional aid. With the coins you can update the aid to be better or last longer. Gems allow you to relive where you stay, but you have a little time to decide.

temple run 2 ipad app store 4 Temple Run 2, la Saga Continúa en este Genial Juego para iPad

With the new Temple Run will have a new power that will be regenerated as you grab coins. Pressing twice will activate and you can hit it without suffer any damage, but be careful because you can fall off, that you can not save.

temple run 2 ipad app store 5 Temple Run 2, la Saga Continúa en este Genial Juego para iPad

Here's the video of Temple Run for iPad 2:

Imangi Studios The guys have worked great Temple Run 2 and the truth is that the graphics and love at first sight. The roads are not straight and now find ups and downs that make the race much more dynamic. The game is free and universal, you can download and play on your iPad or your iPhone. Within the game you can make the purchases you want to increase your booty coins, gems or even buy new runners to acquire new skills. Besides you can always be in constant competition with friends you have in Game Center. When hasten the mark you have made a friend will see directly into the game and that will motivate much. What do you usually choose corridor, and what you think of the new Temple Run?

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