Friday, January 11, 2013

Take my Machete: Aliens, pixels, machetes and puppies

Take my Machete is a curious and hilarious beat'em'up in Pixel Art, in which we will have to kill all aliens who cross our path, using a machete and a bow. But we are not alone in our epic, but an adorable puppy that will be with us and help us collect treasures and other objects to make it easier for our killing.

Machete 1

Through its two game modes (Story and Endless Mode), go getting money which will enhance our pet and buy several items such as shields, strips or flaming arrows.

His control is very simple, so it will take only three buttons to contorlar the protagonist, two of them to move right and left and the third to use our machete. To use the bow only have to slide your finger from character to direct the shot (ala Angry Birds).

Machete 1
Machete 2
Machete 3
Machete 6
Machete 5
Machete 4

The game is only compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch, but for now you can download for free, so do not hesitate to download it because it is quite entertaining.

Take my Machete

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