Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stop in the Production of iPhone 5 is due to switching suppliers

If you have been following the news about Apple in recent days, it is more likely that I have drawn attention to the hype generated over the removal of half of the orders for the Retina display iPhone 5 . This means that the number of fifth-generation iPhone that Apple company plans to sell in the first quarter of the year, will be well below initial estimates. Or not?

A change in the processes and supplies may be the reason

However, there is nothing to be alarmed about. When some predicted the collapse of Apple from competition, other astute analysts have wanted to put a bit of calm among consumers, media and markets.

Apparently, the demand of world's most famous smartphone continues to enjoy excellent health. Contrary to what it may seem, the cut in the number of screens applied to factories does not mean that people do not want to have an iPhone 5.

corte iphone 5 cadena proveedores 466x350 La Parada en la Producción de iPhone 5 se debe al Cambio de Proveedores

It is all due to certain changes in suppliers of these screens and improvements in the manufacturing process, in order to increase the performance of the assembly.

However, the same analysts are quick to clarify that a caveat: Apple must continue to innovate and surprise consumers this year, otherwise it does demand could drop in the future. In any case, the first quarter is usually the weakest for the apple company, if you count the amount of profits made.

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