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Six years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone

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Whenever they say that about "how time flies". Yes, no more and no less than six years have passed since Steve Jobs present the first iPhone, the phone that nothing and nobody bet that was launched without its main asset right now: the App Store.

In those six years, we have received a total of six models of iPhone, all surrounded by controversy but have ended up being a commercial success. It is true that the advantage over the competition that existed a few years ago, is now completely nonexistent or even dare I say that Apple is lagging behind in many aspects (mainly software), however, the essence remains present initial iPhone and has not changed one iota.

 Hoy hace seis años que Steve Jobs presentó el iPhone

First iPhone

The first iPhone model, despite its limitations, changed the telephony world no matter who gets upset. Phones that were on the market at that time had little or nothing to do with the Apple phone and while other companies had prototypes that resembled the iPhone, no company was brave enough to launch a similar proposal.

The most striking aspect of the iPhone at the time was the screen. Such 3.5-inch capacitive stylus without using multitouch capabilities and loved everyone that tasted. Just today, developments in technology and markets have forced Apple to increase the display size to four inches for the iPhone 5 and the fifth-generation iPod Touch.

 Hoy hace seis años que Steve Jobs presentó el iPhone

All iPhone launched

The rest of the hardware has also been improving with each generation. Year after year we have had improvements in processor, GPU, camera, RAM, ... come on, what always happens in the world of technology. Also new features have been added over the years. The advent of 3G and now LTE, the addition of the gyroscope, compass, new connector Lightning ... It has always been a palpable evolution of one model to another iPhone though since the designs have been conservative between generations, the jump has always seemed small when it was not so.

ipod touch nacho Hoy hace seis años que Steve Jobs presentó el iPhone

My old iPod Touch with Jailbreak 2007

What gives me most pain in the past six years, is the persecutory intent that Apple has with the Jailbreak. Understandably want to protect their platform but I think Jailbreak iOS and can coexist perfectly and get a mutual benefit. Precisely the jailbreak was what made me buy the first iPod Touch by 2007. It was amazing what that device so thin he could do. Note that at that time there was the Apple App Store and the iPod Touch was used for little more than listen to music and surf the Internet.

Fortunately, the jailbreak was always there to get the true potential of these devices but Apple seems to be willing to let us enjoy more advantages because each time it gets harder. Before exploits came in minutes after an update, now take months.

iphone 3gs nacho Hoy hace seis años que Steve Jobs presentó el iPhone

This will be the year of the iPhone and iOS 7 (photo that accompanies my avatar to On iPhone)

This year again the year of the iPhone but not for their hardware, but software. Apple has to show that it is present, it is the same company that once revolutionized the mobile phone market. iOS requires the incorporation of certain functions and solving urgent problems that we all know.

Despite its shortcomings, we must recognize that the iPhone is still a phone seller, the App Store is the most profitable app store there today and the ecosystem of accessories that exist for iOS devices do not have any other brand.

We'll see what surprises Apple store for us this 2013 that has just started and where we might see an iPhone 5S and iOS 7 with features that surprise again.

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