Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shipments begin Pebble, the smart watch with electronic ink

I already talked a while of Pebble , the smart watch Kickstarter product that works with electronic ink (just as eBooks).

Peeble Fabrica 2

So far, the approximate date of delivery was scheduled for early this year, but yesterday we can confirm that shipments have started this new "accessory" for iPhone (and Android).

And we ourselves are waiting until we get ours (or send it because for now only 500 units have been sent and we know if we are among the lucky ones), so when we have it in our hands we'll make a full review of what is capable of.

Peeble Fabrica 1

As I discussed, is available in several colors for $ 150 a unit (about 112 €) and expects shipments to increase between 800 and 1000 units per day to achieve maximum capacity of 2400, but certainly is a start, which is what important.

pebble In your mail warned that the iOS app was not yet available and it may be that the first lucky to receive the clock and could not make the most of, but today we have found that the app is now available on the App Peeble SmartWacht Stor e. This application will allow us to change the clock skins and test it and know when software updates for it.

Peeble SmartWatch

If you are interested in one and not what you bought on Kickstarter, and can do so with the knowledge that soon you will have in your hands.

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