Friday, January 18, 2013

Sharp reduces production fuertementa screens for 9.7 inch iPad

Much has been said about the possibility that the iPad mini could curb sales of 9.7-inch iPad. Some are of the opinion that both devices are completely different, each is aimed at a different audience and sales that one really should not interfere with the other. Others think that many people are now opting for the iPad mini simply because it is cheaper than the iPad, without addressing the differences with each device.

ipad mini negro Sharp reduce fuertementa la producción de pantallas para el iPad de 9,7 pulgadas

The iPad mini could be slowing sales of 9.7-inch iPad

Now comes new news seems to fuel the debate is that according to Reuters, Sharp has reduced drastically from a production of screens for 9.7 inch iPad. As for the reason, there are two trends here. One of them says that it is simply inventory management in supply chain of Apple. This would mean that after the Christmas holiday period, sales have relentizado and Apple now needs fewer screens. On the other hand, there is an analyst who suggests that l as mini iPad sales are affected and 9.7-inch iPad that most iPad sales in the short term will be the 7.9-inch model, so it is reduced the need for 9.7-inch screens.

It is always difficult to interpret the movements of Apple with its supply chain. The company makes every move in a very discreet and not make statements and also uses several suppliers. Nor will we know whether or not the iPad is taking away sales mini iPad because Apple does not report sales separately for each device, but it works together.

precios ipad Sharp reduce fuertementa la producción de pantallas para el iPad de 9,7 pulgadas

The best indicator would be the average sales price for iPad, since the cost difference between iPad and iPad mini is about $ 170, although sales of the iPad 2 at a reduced price would also be difficult to calculate this.

Even without the breakdown of sales by model, the firm BNP Paribas believes that mini iPad sales represent 60% of total sales during the first quarter of 2013. The lowest price of the device could be one of the main reasons for this to occur, although some believe that the smaller size and weight of the device on its side.

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