Saturday, January 12, 2013

Russia pays tribute to Steve Jobs with an iPhone 4 on a large scale

rusia steve jobs Rusia rinde homenaje a Steve Jobs con un iPhone 4 a gran escala

Having spent more than a year of the death of co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, the world is paying him tributes very peculiar. The final took place this week in the city of St. Petersburg (Russia), which unveiled a monument dedicated to the figure of Jobs and his contributions to the technological revolution we are experiencing.

Last year, the city convened a contest to find the best tribute to Steve Jobs. Finally the award was born designer Gleb Tarasov, who devised a large-scale iPhone 4 with interactive elements, but without a touchscreen.

In this phone giant, to be found in the National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in St. Petersburg, found a screen that will show some of the most important moments in the life of Steve Jobs, as their most famous keynotes.

The odd thing is that it integrates monument QR code, so, anyone who approaches with a device with a QR code reader, you can access a website which provides more information about Jobs' life.

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Source- MacRumors

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