Friday, January 25, 2013

Rumors about the iPad in May, the iPhone 5S and Low Cost iPhone

Here we bring you some recent rumors about the fifth generation of the iPad and the new iPhone models that we may see this year.

Rumors about the iPad in May, the iPhone 5S and low cost iPhone

It is assumed that housing is available for the upcoming Apple tablet, and is similar to the iPad Mini far more than we could imagine. Apparently, this new design has convinced everyone, so it is not surprising that new models take the lines of 7.9-inch tablet from Apple.

Moreover, have been proposed to minimize the edges (white or black) tablet, increasing the percentage of surface terminal dedicated to the screen. We do not know how comfortable it is to hold, but an idea would be welcomed if they can reduce the weight and thickness in a suitable amount.

rumor ipad 5 iphone 5s 467x350 Rumores sobre el iPad 5, el iPhone 5S y el iPhone de Bajo Coste

We can therefore say that the iPad 5 will have the same screen as the fourth generation, but its edges will result in minimum device smaller than today. Some even describe it as an iPad Mini stretched.

Regarding the iPhone, analysts say the iPhone 5S will closely resemble the fifth-generation iPhone. Meanwhile, the rumored low-cost iPhone will come plastic construction and sweep will focus on the Chinese market and other surrounding countries.

Besides all this, he starts talking about an iPhone +, a mysterious terminal that would next year given the embryonic state. This would be a nearly five-inch smartphone, entering fully competing with devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note.

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