Monday, January 7, 2013

Roban in Microsoft Office and only takes several iPad

According to an article published by a newspaper in Palo Alto, California, a few days ago burgled Microsoft offices located in Mountain View and the only thing stolen were several iPad. The theft occurred allegedly during the Christmas period in a research office of Microsoft and the robber escaped with two iPad 2 units, two units of iPad 3 and iPad 4 unit. Apparently not steal any Microsoft product.

robo microsoft iPad Roban en una Oficina de Microsoft y sólo se Llevan varios iPad

According to the newspaper:

"Police Sergeant Sean Thompson said there are no suspects and no signs of forced entry. The iPad were stolen from three offices of Microsoft building 5, 1075 on the campus of the street Avenue, according to Thompson, and the theft was reported on Wednesday.

Thompson says that all employees have access to the building through electronic access cards. The company told police that the building was closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas. The officer also noted that assumes Microsoft will have some type of video surveillance and review the entries and exits of the building during the period in which it is thought that the theft took place. So far the police have no suspects. "

 Roban en una Oficina de Microsoft y sólo se Llevan varios iPad

Before you laugh, we could find a simple explanation for all this. Perhaps they had no offices of Microsoft Surface and no laptop. Perhaps the only thing available in the offices that could easily lead were Apple products. Granted, it's a long shot. You can laugh if you want!.

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