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Review OtterBox Defender: total protection for the iPhone 5

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This week we had the opportunity to test the Otterbox Defender case for the iPhone 5, you're protecting this is perhaps the best case for the iPhone there.

Many bags look the same, be light, be fine and go unnoticed. This case will not cover your finest, will be the most protective. An ideal case for sportsmen, hikers, military and paws. The Defender case offers three layers of protection, first a polycarbonate hard case features a clear protective screen for your iPhone (integrated within the case), then a thick layer of silicone, which not only protect from impact but that prevents dirt, dust or water splashes reach our iPhone, and finally a clip to attach the holster to protect our clothes plus screen with a new layer of plastic.

For me it is the ideal case for everyday use, is a perfect case to keep at home and use it on special occasions when we take our iPhone afraid. Not you, but when I went to the mountain, ride a bike or a mass concert left my iPhone 5 at home and picked up some of the older models that I have out there. I'm afraid that my iPhone is hit or fall. I can assure you after testing that this case can rest assured, I have seen videos on Youtube where it dropped from over four feet high and neither the iPhone nor the holster suffer the least harm.

Of course if you're one of those people who were continuously falling and have broken iPhone screen several times we recommend you sacrifice some aesthetics and save on repairs with this case, you can drop ten times a day will not pass absolutely nothing.

As you can see in the video cover design is not bad, considering it makes the iPhone much larger and thicker, black or white models are even more beautiful. As I said (to me) is not a case for everyday use is a use case for a couple of days a month in which your iPhone can suffer damage, with three layers of protection can be calm. If you have small children and you pick up the iPhone is also recommended.

otterbox defender iphone5case Review funda Otterbox Defender: protección total para el iPhone 5

The buttons are very well made, easily tapped. For example the Home button has a silicone coating on the plastic fits inside, so no dust gets, is protected and is easy to press. The same goes for the volume buttons and the power button. To access the mute button or lightning connector or the headphone jack have to raise eyebrows that are clipped closed with cover to seal almost completely, the only holes you see are those of the speaker and the microphone at the bottom and holes for the camera and the receiver in the front and rear. These holes have a great coating, so it is impossible to get a hit, but if you can reach them any dust or dirt, although it is somewhat acceptable to be able to talk on the phone or take a picture.

The clip can be placed on the front or rear, and engages perfectly on the inner polycarbonate case. We recommend placing it on the screen to bring the highest level of protection.

Use the plastic screen that covers it gets a bit awkward at first, because it is a fraction of a millimeter detached, which makes the touch screen is a little different than usual. We have become accustomed to it in a while, after half an hour we were writing as fast as ever. Also I have already put a screen saver, and sometimes as both have lost nothing of sensitivity.

Absolute best protection and taking it you feel calm and can take your iPhone 5 anywhere without fear of dropping or shocks. Worst 114 grams which adds volume and increased suffering the device.

You can buy it in Octilus or other online stores like Amazon . The price is about 45 euros. Also available for iPhone 4 and 4S and other devices from other manufacturers. There are many colors available.

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