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Review: Digital Magazine ArquiTK

For those who do not know, my other passion is architecture and a few days ago I came across this architecture magazine kiosk for my iPad, I really liked the concept of digital magazine.

If architects are, or want to read a bit about digital magazines continue reading. At the end of the post I'll leave the link to download the first volume, which is free, for you to judge for yourself.

After downloading the magazine your Kiosk them appear to have had the volumes, the cost, the option to download / buy the magazine and clear to subscribe to it. As mentioned before, the first volume is free and weighs something like 300MB so I suggest being on a WIFI network. Unfortunately only available for the iPad.

The digital magazine concept I was skeptical, because I think that we have enough with the magazines in the network, or the thousands of blogs out there and to take advantage of being digital, such as videos, animations and all the media that want to use, or that our programming capabilities allow.

However, this magazine has made me think that the concept of having a digital part of your magazine quite useful both for the information and the way in which we consume.

ArquiTK welcomes us with an interactive cover that I really liked, I tell them no more for you to see you. Once past the cover gives us a series of instructions in case you are new to this, we are told that gestures are enabled and how to interact with it.

Of the strengths that have this magazine is the way it is structured, is like exploring something new, and yet feel that you've been there. I loved the different ways to interact with the items, because each one is different from another. In some you can see the text on one side and down while sroll will make a new text or images, in other transports you a fixed background with small tables where they explain the work, and the ones I like are the items that do not have any text, and everything is told while you explore the photographs of the place, it's like going on a guided tour.

Like any magazine, ArquiTK has the bonus of having information not easily accessible, as are flat, statistics, and videos that would otherwise not find, all in a digital format and very visual.

Another strength is the video, at the beginning of the magazine instead of having the typical kilometer prologue that usually do not read, you're greeted an introductory video you want or not, I called attention to miss seeing the first few seconds . It is also used in the articles, because that better than designer / architect tell you about his work and why of it, this gives it a much more interactive than not achieved in conventional journals.

Even the ads are designed so you can interact with them, which is not normally expect only for still images, and here, in the journal you to interact with advertisers, seeing their proposals, examples and taking you to your page so wanting, it is noteworthy that the magazine brings a browser to view these pages, or you can open them in Safari.

But not everything is good. Personally I found some places where you can enhance the experience and if you're a magazine aimed at architects. As noted in a few paragraphs above, it is very difficult to access certain information on the buildings, the most prized are the planes, in the magazine's there, but these can not be zoom, the choice is restricted, so that you stay with the inability to appreciate them more, something that I personally turned me very upset. And even more annoying is that the same goes for the photos, it's because I'm so used to my iDevices, but not being able to zoom to photos if I get frustrated enough.

Something else I would ask but I think it is possible that the copyright is to save the information, whether drawings, text, or photographs, for much of our research and even inspiration comes from those photos we have in our archive and we see or show the client to an idea of ​​what we mean. Do not know if this is typical of the magazine or any restrictions on the format, but it is very nice to have to do a screenshot to photography that you liked.

To be his first foray into the digital world, the magazine I liked I could have loved , Is to have the facility to view products, and information that is not so easily on the net, all this in a fairly intuitive, interactive and beautifully designed.

The Quisco be found in or on this link , and remember that only volume 1 is free and available only for the iPad.

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