Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: 3D viewer for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 Eassee3D

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This week we had the opportunity to test the 3D viewer for 3D Eassee iPhone, a German company at the forefront of this technology, entering Spain from the hand of 3D tecnology to bring us glasses-free 3D experience to the iPhone and iPad.

We have tried the viewfinder for the iPhone 4 and 4S and visor Bumper for the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4 or 4S is a simple framekit that attaches to the front of the iPhone and is clipped with small jump between the frame of the antenna and the front glass.

The iPhone 5 is somewhat more complex, it is a fact aircraft aluminum bumper where you can engage or not the 3D viewer. It has a striking design as you can see in the video and perfectly protects the iPhone from drops and bumps, your weight is virtually nil, weighs next to nothing. The most striking aspect of this design is that the viewer can stay at the back of the bumper, and serves as a protector and you just have to take it out and put it on the front to turn your screen into a 3D display. The video clearly.

To use it you need to download the 3D Eassee application, with it you can watch videos that you've recorded, 3D movies you enter on your iPhone using iTunes and view 3D videos from Youtube, thousands of videos available on YouTube, making the application is downloaded and the video images together into one visible 3D recording with your accessory. It is a full 3D, like you see in movies but without glasses.

The videos and photos you can create them with two other applications that we leave below the videos is the payment, so if you want to create your own 3D videos have to checkout to see them do not pay.

Now you can get 3D movies on your iPhone or iPad, watch videos online or make your own 3D videos, a very geek accessory that will leave your friends amazed.

If you want to try these weeks are at the mall of Madrid Xanadu, have a stand where you can see it and test it thoroughly on your iPhone or iPhones shows they have. They will be there until the day January 31, 2013.

The price is 65 € the bumper for the iPhone 5 and € 29 framekit viewer for iPhone 4 or 4S, will also be available attachable to a display screen for the iPhone 5 for 35 €, but if you like the design of the bumper that option is much better.

You can buy them in 3D tecnology or web Eassee3d soon.

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