Friday, January 11, 2013

Reuters downplays the Denial of Phil Schiller on iPhone Cheap

One does not know what to expect. It turns out that Reuters, the respectable and reliable news agency, has rectified this morning to say that his story on Phil Schiller's refusal to a cheaper iPhone should not be considered.

If you remember, during the week we have been talking about a hypothetical that would cheaper iPhone before year end, and would come to cover the segment of low-end smartphones, where Apple does not have any presence in the moment.

Just yesterday joined the fray by Phil Schiller, a heavyweight in the company marketing the bitten apple, to say that we could go and forget this idea. The news was given to Reuters, this morning was quick to say that we do not pay much attention to what Phil said himself, again stoking the fire of rumors about a hypothetical low-cost iPhone.

reuters desdice iphone barato 466x350 Reuters quita Importancia a la Negativa de Phil Schiller sobre el iPhone Barato

The interview has been confirmed by Apple itself, so no one is clear why Reuters has retracted everything she says the executive, concerning this matter.

If we go anywhere the controversial report, we can see that Reuters has changed the title to one less concrete, to avoid catching your fingers. In addition, there have been some changes in the wording of the report but are not clear which, coming from a news site in the Far East.

What do you think about all this? Does Apple is complicating life with rumors of a supposed new iPhone? Why such prestigious media change their minds on this information, when Apple itself has denied the?

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