Thursday, January 31, 2013

Relay iPhone Macworld 2013 from News

Screen Shot 2013 01 31 at 5.45.25 PM Retransmisión de Macworld 2013 desde Actualidad iPhone

Today has started in San Francisco one of the most important events of the year dedicated to the world of Apple: Macworld. In this show we see applications and accessories of the moment for all those users who have a bite of the Apple product. Apple already has several years without attending this event, but that does not mean that interest Macworld has declined, as it is still visited by thousands of people in each edition.

From Current iPhone we have moved to the Moscone Center, where you are celebrating Macworld / iWorld 2013. The first day was marked by guest appearances: the actors in the new film 'jobs' have talked about the film's production and the first face criticism by U.S. media. The singer has also been allowed to see the Moscone Center this morning to talk about technology.

Stay tuned to News iPhone these days, because we will bring you news, reviews and exclusive video from San Francisco.

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