Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Real Racing 3 can be seen in a new video timidly

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Competition believe it or not good, in the end they get cane companies to each other and ended up benefiting all of us. This is what I think is happening between Gameloft and Firemonkeys, developers who are going to launch car games for iPhone and iPad during the month of February.

Real Racing 3 is the racing game we've been waiting since the introduction of the iPhone 5 but due to some delays, we've barely heard of him until he "leaked" a video with the development of Asphalt 8: Infinity game in charge Gameloft.

In the absence of a few weeks to reach both titles to the App Store, Firemonkeys revives the power of hype with a new video of the development of Real Racing 3 where we can see the game several times ingame.

Besides looking stunning visual look, it seems that the development team wants to approach photorealism to circuits that will be available in the game. That requires a very thorough study of each location, trying to convey every detail of the subsequent reality modeling environment.

Graphically we have seen that the evolutionary leap is huge with respect to Real Racing 2. Now it remains to be seen what this will Artificial Intelligence and Simulation those touches that have the physical car. Hopefully we do not disappoint in this regard.

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