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Quick Menu 7 on the iOS lock screen | Concept

Possibly one of the aspects that we miss iOS users is a quick access menu to certain device options. A quick menu from which you can enable or disable our device services such as data transfer, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS or even airplane mode.

concepto bloqueo menu Menú Rápido para iOS 7 en la Pantalla de Bloqueo | Concepto

Almost from the beginning of the operating system users have been asking Apple to do something of this kind is that having to access the settings to change these settings is quite annoying, especially with commonly used features such as WiFi. These functions appear in the first screen just go to Settings, yet Apple could give us a few more things.

Interesting concept implementation of a shortcut menu for the iOS lock screen 7

Throughout the lifetime of iOS have seen many concepts as the Cupertino-based company could incorporate such a menu. In some cases were quite rough and you could even say annoying, but at other times were closer to the "style" of Apple, that is, a simple, well integrated with the rest of the system and very functional.

This time the designer Jean-Marc Denis has published a concept that has been termed "Drawer Lock Screen" (screen lock drawer). After watching the video we feel this is the best concept that could be adapted to iOS, perhaps that is closest to the type of integration that Apple could do and honestly, I think a great integration.

Denis The idea is to incorporate a "drawer" that can display just below the clock on the lock screen devices. This menu is displayed by simply dragging a finger down on the lock screen and once deployed can access its options.

In the concept, the "box" shows switches to turn on or off WiFi, Bluetooth, airplane mode and Hotspot. Ideally, each could set the options you use most from any menu in Settings, although the concept is not showing integration of this type, although in that case Apple really could follow the current design of your menus.

There is no doubt that the idea of ​​Jean-Marc is excellent. We do not know if Cupertino will take note and try to integrate something like this in the future iOS 7 , while taking into account the time it took users claiming something like this would not hurt convirtiesen it a reality.

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