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Protect your iPad while cooking with a plastic bag

The iPad is a great tool to help us cook as it is perfect for keeping track of recipes. I do not know if you ever ye shall have taken the iPad to make a recipe, I do have. If so, you have to be careful with the screen because, beyond dirty, could be damaged if you drop something he should not. Luckily, another item that almost everyone in the kitchen can help protect: a resealable plastic bag.

ipad cocina 546x350 Protege tu iPad mientras Cocinas con una Bolsa de Plástico

Protect your iPad while cooking with a zippered plastic bag

This little trick and image courtesy of one of the readers of OSXDaily. Not too complicated, you just have to find a resealable plastic bag, such as those used for frozen foods, and put the iPad inside. You must use a bag as tight as possible to the iPad, because if leftover much plastic could not work the touchscreen. If you spare much, folded behind the iPad and put a clamp to keep it from moving. Any space between the plastic and the lag or directly create screen will not respond to touch. Once the iPad is in the bag, and will not be afraid to use and touch screen even relocate their hands somewhat dirty. Also will be safe from any splashes.

If you are going to use the iPad in the kitchen it is best configuréis the screen autolock with longer than usual, or not do them will never crash. When acabéis remember to leave it as before, if you do not immediately gastaréis battery. By doing this you escape having to touch the screen so it does not crash. Moreover, you can place the iPad on a carrier or rack (using the Smart Cover) to be as accessible as possible.

I have personally tested a large freezer bag and works, the touch screen is still very sensitive, provided that either the excess plastic adjustments, keeping the plastic as close to the screen as possible. This little trick could be applied to any touch device and any other situation, such as workshops, gardens, etc.

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